Read to SUCCEED :)

Attached is the form letter and reading log for the Read to Succeed program.

It just started yesterday and the students will have until 2/23/2015 to complete it.

With that, everyone should be able to do the 6 hours given they have 4 months and 2 long breaks to get it done.

Good Luck and KEEP READING!

Keri Vaubel, Dana Viola & Gwen Anderson (read to succeed chair)





Thanks to everyone who has handed in their Great Race forms!! DONT FORGET ~ WED is the last day to register to guarantee your child will recieve a t -shirt for our awesome pep rally!!! You DONT have to run. You can walk with your family, or just receive a t shirt. Close to $11 from your 14$ donation comes DIRECTLY back to OUR a kids at New Monmouth!!! So get those papers and sneakers in SOON!! I will check today which grade is in the lead for the pizza party

Thanks for you support!
Jill Welch – Great Race Chairperson